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Instant Review: Mallard Creek Golf Course

The quest to produce quality content on this site is a constant battle. I’m have mild OCD and not spending the time to detail and craft things really bothers me much more than it should. But, it’s Spring time in… Continue Reading →

Course Review: Snohomish Golf Course

Date Played: July, 2013 Tucked into the Dutch Hill neighborhood of Snohomish is the classically styled and classically named Snohomish Golf Course.  Built in 1967, by an architect I’ve never heard of named Dave Richards, it never really piqued my interest… Continue Reading →

Course Review: Blue Boy West Golf Course

Date Played: July 31, 2013 I love golf. That probably shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I do. I love playing it, I love learning about it, I love seeing other people play it. Golf in the Puget Sound might… Continue Reading →

Course Review: Rope Rider at Suncadia Resort

Date Played: May 16th, 2013 For the uninitiated to Central Washington golf, there are basically 3 legitimate options for top quality courses. Desert Canyon and the two public Suncadia Courses (Tumble Creek is a private Doak design also on the compound)…. Continue Reading →

Course Review: McCormick Woods Golf Course

Date Played: March 16th, 2013 McCormick Woods is an enigma of a course. That’s about the only definitive statement I can make after my round. The course, which is located smack dab between Trophy Lake and Gold Mountain on the… Continue Reading →

Course Review: Skamania Lodge Golf Course

Date Played: March 9th, 2013 My work load in Portland is finally starting to slow down some, so during my last trip I decided to make it count and got a couple of rounds in SW Washington.  I’ve already posted… Continue Reading →

Course Review: Lynnwood Municipal Golf Course

Date Played: February 16th 2013 I ventured out on a rainy Saturday with our new contributor, Sean, to play a course I was afraid to review, Lynnwood Municipal GC.  I grew up about a 5 minute walk from this course,… Continue Reading →

Course Review: Mount Adams Country Club

Date Played: February 4th 2013 In the South end of the Yakima Valley is the bustling metropolis of Toppenish.  On your way out-of-town towards Goldendale and the Columbia River, you’ll pass a nondescript Country Club at the base of Cascades…. Continue Reading →

Course Review: Three Rivers Golf Course

Date Played: October 19th, 2012 The Cowlitz County Golf Tour continues, this time at Three Rivers Golf Course in Kelso.  Kelso is my go to pit stop on my slog from Seattle to Portland, so after playing Mint Valley, I… Continue Reading →

Course Review: Mint Valley Golf Course

Date Played: October 5th The South end of the I-5 corridor is home to some really good courses.  Courses that I always seem to forget when I travel between Portland and Seattle.  I decided to put a couple of these tracks to… Continue Reading →

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