I’ve been asked how I review and score a golf course. I grade each course on 6 factors, with scores for the things that are more permenant (the design and the facilities) weighted in favor of things like conditions and staff that can change from visit to visit. While I play, I more or less ask myself the questions below and assign a score for each factor.

Design – How good is the land the course is on? Did the architect use the land to the best of their ability?  Is it reasonably walk-able?  Does anything feel forced, like short/easy par 3’s  or back to back par 5’s? Does the typical wind direction flow with the routing? 25 Points

Test of Golf – Is this course hard? Is the course fair?  How many choices do you have for each shot? How do the fairway and hazard shapes and placements affect how you approach the course? Do they allow you to take chances, or do they force you station to station?  Does the course reward creativity? 25 Points

Value – Based on the other criteria, did you get your money’s worth? Is there better options nearby? Do they have any good specials or great membership options? 20 Points

Condition – How healthy are the greens?  Is the fairway or rough patchy or really long?  Are the bunkers well raked and maintained? 10 Points

Amenities – Does it meet my standard of “expected” amenities (Driving Range, >30’x30′ practice green, food service of some sort)? Is the pro shop well stocked? Is there good beverage cart service?  Is the anything extraordinary like GPS carts or a par 3 course? 10 Points

Experience – Did I have fun?  Was the staff friendly and helpful?  Were other golfers polite and friendly?  Would I pay more to play this course? 10 Points