THE BLOG LIVES! Well, I’m alive, at least, and I’m back with some new stuff for your eye holes. It’s been a long year for old Bryan. I took a new job in May of 2016 that has taken me back and forth across the country for 25 of the last 60 weeks or so and occupied far more of my time than I care to admit. In fact, I’ve been so busy that I’ve actually played golf in 7 states (Oregon, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania for those keeping track) since I last played in my home state of Washington.

Because of this colossal shift in my life, I’m going to pivot the blog and step outside of my comfort zone. So, for the first time on this pathetic excuse for a website, I present “Golf by Bryan Does;” a look at the random minutia and boring things I get into in whatever two-horse town I get sent to. Today, Golf by Bryan does Los Angeles.

Oak Quarry Golf 14

The Par 3 14th hole at Oak Quarry Golf Club in Riverside, CA

Best Place to Golf: Oak Quarry

This place is a gem. That’s really the only thing I can say. Oak Quarry is kind of a drive from the city, about an hour east of downtown, but boy is it worth it. It’s in a beautiful setting in a rock quarry with a very solid design. There are some quirky throw away holes, but the good ones are very good and the overall layout is thrilling to play. The conditioning was fantastic considering it was August in the desert, and the staff was a pleasure to deal with. Go here, for real. Also, shout out to my boy Pete from Re-Gripped, who showed me around Oak Quarry. Go check out his website and his quest to play every Coore/Crenshaw design.

Honorable Mention: Rustic Canyon, Moorpark, CA


Best Place to Stay: Hollywood

There’s not really a lot of bad places to stay in LA. Anywhere on the beach is cool, Beverley Hills is pretty dope and downtown is a great spot. Having said all of that, Hollywood is where I would stay if I could pick. It’s right in the middle of everything. It’s close to downtown, rodeo drive, universal studios theme park, other film lots in Burbank and Century City, not too far from Santa Monica and a doable (if not ideal) drive from Disneyland. Plus, there are so many weirdos walking the streets that the people watching is unbeatable.

Honorable Mention: Santa Monica


Best Place to Drink Beer: Bottle Logic Brewing

This place is awesome. I’ve been a fan of Bottle Logic for a while now, but it was a treat to finally make it out to the tap-room. It’s in East Anaheim, so it’s not easy to get to¬†from the city, but man is it worth every minute you sit in traffic. Bottle Logic has a great spot with lots of styles on, but they’re really dialing in their hazy New England IPAs and they produce some of the best barrel aged stouts and strong ales on the planet. Every time I was there, a great food truck was parked out front and the staff is great.

Honorable Mention: Highland Park Brewing / The Hermosillo


That’s pretty much it. I mean, I mostly just drink and golf while I’m not working on the road. Raise your hand if your shocked. But, seeing as I’ve been coast to coast in this big ass country, I’ve got a lot more of these to come, from Austin to Boston and New York to Dallas, I’m sure I’ll have one of these that somebody will have some interest in. If not, whatever, go check Facebook or something.