In the past three decades, there has been some very serious and very innovative technological advancement in wood and iron technology. Acronyms like MOI and COR have become part of the average golfer’s vernacular. Not to mention, there is literally an entire new club type (hybrids) that has not only emerged from these advancements, but has helped launch major players such as Adams Golf.

So it was surprising that the biggest innovation I could find in the field of putters in that time frame was the Odyssey 2-ball. This dearth of innovation is not from a lack of effort, as there is no shortage of training aids that claim to do everything short of turning you into Ben Crenshaw. If you struggle on the greens, the Dead Aim Putter might be a legitimate solution for your woes.

The Dead Aim Putter is sort of a training aid and putter hybrid. It’s not a unique idea, but rather somewhat of a conglomeration and evolution of tried and true concepts. The patented alignment system is similar in concept to the well-known SeeMore Putters, but much more in-depth. Where the user of most special alignment putters need only to move the shaft into position after addressing the ball, the user of the Dead Aim Putter needs to properly position their body before manually setting the club shaft to the proper angle. The bigger idea is that once you’ve set yourself properly, your eyes are positioned directly over the ball and the putter is set to achieve the proper roll.

The Dead Aim also comes equipped to handle multiple add-on training aids that are small enough to fit in your bag and easy to remove so the putter is still USGA conforming. Since this is really two products in one, I’ve split this Dead Aim putter review into two parts; the putter and the training aids…