If you’re even a semi-regular reader of this site, you’ve probably noticed the dearth of new content.  I’d like to apologize for this, as I had some really great stuff planned, including a video blog and review from Bandon Dunes.

Unfortunately, I could barely get on the freeway on my way to the resort before I got in a pretty decent car accident.  I walked away from it, but it was frighteningly close to being very, very bad.

I’m taking this as a karmic message to quit going so hard and focus on my family for a bit.  I’m hoping to put up a backlogged review or two, but until Spring, don’t expect much in the way of fresh posts.

Thanks for understanding, and I’ll be back in the Spring with (hopefully) a great new lineup for you. In the meantime, you can catch my posts on Pro Golf Now and follow me on Twitter and Facebook.