Appalachian Leather Works Cash Cover

My Cash Cover – Photo via Appalachian Leather Works

There are a lot of niche golf product companies out there, and since I don’t make any money off this site (nor get any free swag) I only plug stuff that I believe in. And I believe that this guy has some of the sickest looking golf accessories on the market right now.

Appalachian Leather Works is based out of North Carolina and run by an Air Force Veteran named Chris Ashley.  The first exposure I had to Chris is through a retweet of a picture of one of their excellent putter head covers.  I checked out the rest of his line and happened across his line of custom leather cash covers ($42, $48 for the “executive” model), since I was in dire need of a new wallet, I decided to give it a go.

When ordering, I was staggered by the amount of customization available.  With a lot of these Mom & Pop type outfits, you get a decent selection, but it’s generally just a choice of a few different templates.  Everything Appalachian Leather Works does is made to order with choices out the wazoo.  For the cash covers alone there are 7 leather colors, 22 stitching colors, the same 22 colors if you want two-tone stitching and you get to choose between a black and clear O-Ring (to hold it together).  Naturally, being the ridiculous creep that I am, I went with a White leather and Orange stitching.

It showed up in a small parcel box about 10 business days later.  It was wrapped tight in tissue paper and included a handwritten card.  The first thought after handling the cover was how heavy it was.  Not in a bad way, but it’s just a really nice thick and high quality material.  It’s definitely not a wallet, but I personally like it better.  It’s crafted in a way (probably weird Appalachian hillbilly voodoo..or something) that it doesn’t flap open if you don’t have the O-Rings on (your cash will fall out though, if it’s in a loose pocket) but it will open flat.  Inside, there are two pockets that fit my 8 different cards I carry.  The website claims it can fit 12 cards, however I only managed 10 without really forcing.

As I’m writing this review and I think about the care and thought that went into this cash cover, I’m pretty sure its the nicest thing I own in relation to it’s counterparts.  I buy a lot of humdrum, run of the mill stuff because the high end generally isn’t worth it.  In this case I’m glad I made the jump.  I looked at some comparable items and found them ranging from $30 for off the rack to over $160(wtf!) for an almost exact item without any customization.  I’m definitely grabbing a putter cover ($50), and maybe even a scorecard holder ($70) later this summer.  He’s also got classic style fairway wood/hybrid covers ($42) and some really exotic leathers for higher end cash covers.

Bottom Line: The price seemed a little steep to me a first, but I can honestly say that it’s priced pretty well below its actual worth.  It’s super high quality and it’s got the personal touch that you can’t find with major manufacturers.  Plus, you’re buying from a Veteran and his family, so if you get something else you pretty much hate America.  Grade – A