I’ve grappled with this question for a couple years now.  Since the advent of Loudmouth Golf Pants and the explosion of day glow Puma gear in the late 2000’s, golf has taken on a much; let’s call it “spicier” flavor in terms of clothes.  The saying “look good, play good” takes on new meaning as the definition of “good” has shifted closer to the definition of ridiculous than that of nice.

I’m not immune to the sweeping fad.  I’ve been guilty on more than one occasion of looking like an asshole on the links.  One time comes to mind where I showed up to Echo Falls, a course in a farm town that thinks it’s a country club, in makeshift knickers and a pink argyle sweater vest.  But it seems like every weekend, there is some turd in a well-crafted and color coordinated Puma ensemble that thinks they’re god damned Ricky Fowler and can’t be bothered with us common folk.

Most golf-wear up the the latter part of last decade was more about function than making a fashion statement.  Slacks and a polo were considered a “get up”.  But now, unless I’m at a course that costs less than a dollar a hole, I get funny looks if I’m in jeans, even if they’re allowed.  This trend is taking golf back to a time where it was out of reach of the average Joe.

I’ve got a pair of ridiculous golf shorts in my closet, I’ve still got my pink sweater vest and I’ve even got a bright orange jacket.  But I’m putting my foot down.  I’m tired of being like the jerks who are re-stigmatizing this game.  I’m playing in jeans this year.  If I can’t play in denim, I don’t need to play.  I’ll exempt this to rounds that I’m not paying for, but I’m sick of making golf an event, instead of the hobby and great game it is.

I encourage all of you to take it back.  Quit feeding the Bushwood stereotype.  Go for comfort and function.  Golf is for playing, leave being seen for nightclubs and the ballet.