Date Played: December 14th, 2012

I had a few spare hours driving home from Spokane and I decided to swing by a course I’d heard quite a bit about; The Links at Moses Pointe.  Moses Pointe is a community on the NW side of Moses Lake, and the golf course is woven into the development.  The golf shop and course has the aura of a resort or a high end complex.

The pro shop and restaurant are well appointed, and my round with a cart cost $35 which is  a decent deal, but not great considering the biggest downfall of the facility is the course.  This course sufferers from a severe case of Echo Falls syndrome, except this one doesn’t have two great holes.  It’s 18 ho-hum golf holes that don’t offer any “wow” moments and don’t offer particularly outstanding conditions.  Wind is a huge factor in this as it can alter the way you play the course so severely that it can make it look a lot plainer than it is.  The highlight holes are the Par 5 6th hole, which is a zig-zag 3 shot hole, as well as 18 which is another Par 5 which does offer a chance to get home in 2 if you get over the hill with your tee shot.

I hate to give this course too harsh of a score.  It’s got some clever design cues that are pretty cool, but there is just no wow factor.  The guy in the pro shop was really nice as well as the two people in the empty restaurant, but as far as golf goes, this course just didn’t do it for me.  The greens were decent, some pitch marking, but the most troubling thing condition wise was the bunkers.  There was hardly any sand in the ones I was in and it was very hard packed.

Bottom line, if you are traveling from Spokane to Seattle, both ends have better options.  If you’re looking for a pit stop, it’s certainly the best on the I-90 slog in the winter.  Final Score: 45/60

Design – 8/10
Test of Golf – 8/10 (the wind is a real killer here)
Condition – 7/10
Amenities – 8/10
Value – 7/10
Experience – 7/10