I’ve got a couple of announcements today.  First, I’d like to welcome Sean Crawford as a new contributor!  Sean and I have been friends since we were 16 years old.  I quit golfing when I was 14 and Sean was the person to pull me back in.  We were roommates at the time and he drug me to the driving range, I showed him the fundamentals, and he ran with it…he now beats me on a regular basis. I owe Sean a huge debt of gratitude for doing that, because it’s been a big part of both of our lives for nearly 10 years now.  Sean will be doing reviews of Seattle area courses and the occasional rant on the site as well.

Less importantly, but also worth noting, is that I’ve tweaked the scoring criteria for course reviews.  I’ll be adding a page shortly that will explain each criteria, or at least how I view them.  The two biggest changes were adjusting the “layout” score to “design” and “toughness” is now “test of golf”. These mostly were done to prevent rewarding courses for being hard from things like bad maintenance and/or dumb design cues.

In doing this, I’ve adjusted some scores and I’ll also be adjusting the rankings, which will more accurately reflect what I feel is a better system.  A system that will reward courses for being worth the price and customer service.  I want this site to be a resource, not just my random golf blog.  I hope you all enjoy.

– Bryan